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Winter Leaf Removal

Winter leaves are a CHALLENGE!!!  They end up in all the nooks and crannies of your property, and half the time, they aren't even leaves from your property thanks to the Texas winds.  We can help you with this challenge though.  We can take all those leaves and bag them up to be taken away by your local waste management company.  Leaf cleanup is very labor intensive, but our method is pretty simple.  We blow all the leaves out from underneath the shrubs and away from your house and into the yard.  We then rake, bag, and haul to the trash pickup designation on you property.  Normally, there's no limit to the amount of disposable refuse bags (brown paper bags) that Waste Management companies will haul off on their pickup day.  If we use plastic leaf bags, Waste management will normally take away up to 10 bags on a given pickup day. 

We only give hourly prices for leaf cleanup, and when we give you a price, that price is an estimate, and is only good for a week.  Leaves can fall quickly, so I want to bring up that word again, "ESTIMATE".  It's very rare that we are ever off by more than one hour in an estimate, but a heavy rain or high winds can change everything as far as leaves go.  We will bill you for actual time spent, even if it goes over the estimated price, or under for that matter.  If it looks as though our time spent is going to go over an extra hour of the time we originally quoted you, we will notify you before continuing.  This has only happened a handful of times, and in each situation, both sides had a mutual understanding as to why it happened.

The size of you property will normally dictate how many people we send out for leaf cleanup.  Please remember that included in the hourly price is not only the cost of time spent blowing, raking, bagging, and hauling, but also covers our travel time and cost of bags.  We can use whichever type of bags you choose, but using disposable bags takes a little more time than plastic leaf bags.  Our prices are as follows:

$65 per hour for a 1 man crew

$130 per hour for a 2 man crew

$195 per hour for a 3 man crew

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