Keep your irrigation in check with monthly or yearly inspections

Make sure your lawn remains verdant and healthy with a fully functioning irrigation system.  One neglected repair can quickly turn into two, and the next thing you know, you’re the house on the block with ugly yellow circles surrounded by green grass.  Landboss irrigators are licensed, and can provide you a full inspection which includes a site map of irrigation zones for your records.  We offer a number of irrigation services for a one time fee, or we can set you up on a monthly/quarterly/yearly inspection schedule.  We do not provide irrigation installations at this time.
• Irrigation repairs
• Xeriscape drip system installation

• Xeriscape retro fitting for existing
• Drip systems for hanging flower pots


• Rain and freeze sensor installation
• Gator bag installation for drought 

Fertilizer in Wheelbarrow - Irrigation Systems

Ask us about the best watering practices to help conserve water.