Regular Lawn Care & Maintenance

Never worry about keeping your property clean and presentable with routine lawn care and maintenance from LandBoss in Coppell, Texas. Our company offers a variety of services ideal for keeping your home and property looking extraordinary in any season.

Lawn Care

We offer yearly maintenance contracts that are catered to your personal preference and what your landscape needs are throughout the year.  We specialize in detailed lawn care maintenance to provide excellent curb appeal for you to come home to everyday.  Enjoy your spare time on the weekends, and leave the mowing to us during the week.


• Mowing
• Blowing
• Bed weeding
• Leaf Removal

• Shrub hedging and pruning
• One time seasonal cleanups

• Seasonal flowers 
• String-trimming (weed-eating)
• Hardwood mulch for shrub beds 

Lawn Mowing - Lawn Maintenance

Integrated Pest Management

Let us keep your grass lush and green with a herbicide program geared towards the betterment of your lawn.  We offer pre and post emergent herbicides to prevent weeds and granular fertilizations to green up your lawn.  The picture demonstrates the difference between a lawn being treated with a preventative weed program, and one that is not.

Integrated Pest Management - Lawn Maintenance

Ask for our experts in Coppell, Texas, to make your home look the way you want it with expert lawn care and maintenance.